Grenache, King of Wines from south of France


The Grenache grape has a Spanish origin. It is the number one in Navarre and very wide-spread in La Rioja. It was also a key vine in the international success of the Priorate. In France, we find the Grenache in the South of France where the climate is strictly Méditéranéen and offer a period of sunshine and an accumulation of heat guaranteed over a long period, he likes warm and dry weather.

It is a Vine with a late maturity. In the wine, Grenache offers aromas of red berries (Strawberry, raspberry) but also of white pepper, leather, caramel... Blended very Often the Grenahce is also sometimes vinified on its own.

He has a small skin, big berries, he is oxidative with a big alcool potential.

He is King of the wine of Châteauneuf-du-Pape which benefits from a climate Méditéraneen and from an important period of sunshine. Of more the Mistral which is a dry wind and the river stones which accumulate the heat the day to restore it at night are good allies for the Grenache.

We also find Grenache in Sardinia but also in certain regions of the New World in particular California and Australia.

Do not come over Provence without making a stop in the famous villages of the South of the Valley of the Rhône without enjoying a wine made from Grenache.

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