Arles - Wine Tour

Arles is a city situated in les Bouches du Rhône and part of the region Provence. This is the largest town of France with 75893 hectares.

The city is more than 2500 years old is considered as a world heritage by the UNESCO since 1981.

The old town has remarquable momuments which was built during the Roman antique period like the theater, the ancient arenas or the roman Circus.

Arles is culturally very rich and if you come here you can't miss the Abbaye de Saint Pierre de Montmajour which was built in 948 and is situaded few kilomters away from the city. 

If you like Van Gogh you can also visit "l'espace Van Gogh" real heaven of peace in the city is a old hospital built during the 16th century. This is here that Vincent Van Gogh was treated and this is also here that he has mutilated his ear.

Arles is also well located if you wish to take a wine tour and discover the beautiful vineyards of the region and taste some of the best wines.


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