Cairanne - Côtes du Rhône Wine Tour

The village of Cairanne is located in the Vaucluse (Provence) near the Enclave des Papes and has a classic Mediterranean climat. The AOC Cairanne  (1188ha) produce red (97%) and white (3%) wines. The reds contains at least 50% of Grenache and the proportion of Mourvèdre and Syrah is bewteen 20% and 50%. For the whites, Clairette, Grenache blanc and Roussane are the majors grapes varietals. 

This is with the 2017 vintage that Cairanne has joined the club of the 17th Villages "Crus" of Côtes du Rhône. This was the result of 8 years of efforts made by the winemakers and the President Denis Alary to finally be promoted as a "Cru".

A lot of vines plot (21% of the total superficy of the AOC) were declassified as a Côte du Rhône. The winemakers also made some effort to make the rules and regulations more strict in order to increase the level of quality: Manual harvest, less weed killer used, less sulfites in the wine.

All of the efforts made by the winemakers combined with the diversity of terroir (3 majors different types of soil) and the good weather conditions, the AOC  Cairanne definitely deserve the mention "Cru" for its wines.


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