Marseille - Wine Tour

Marseille is the second largest city of France situated in the county of Bouches du Rhône part of Provence.

The city was founded by the Greek 600 years BC and is considered the Naples of France.

In France Marseille is a city apart very cosmopolitan with a very strong identity. Here People are "Marseillais" first and eventually French second.

It is known for its old port right in the city center but also the Basilique Notre dame de la Garde, the museum of the European and mediterranean civilizations (MUCEM), the fortress Château d'If, the majestuous cathedral "la Major" and the famous calanques with their beautiful water colors.

Coming to Marseille this is also the opportunity to go to the Vellodrome Stadium and watch an Olympique de Marseille soccer game, drink a pastis on a terrace, eat a Bouillabaisse at the old port, buy some tradtionnal soaps historically made here with olive oil, take a boat excursion to the Frioul island, play petanque at the Borély park.

The last few years Marseille became a major cruise ship port where i can pick you up for taking you on a wine tour and make you discover wines from Provence.

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