Saint Remy de Provence - Wine Tour

Saint Remy de Provence is a small city situated in the heart of les Alpilles in the county of Bouches du Rhône part of the Provence region.

It is a typical provencal city with its beautiful architecture, small pedestrian streets, water fountains, small squares well shaded by the sycamore trees, nice restaurant and shops.

Saint Remy de Provence is located in a spectacular environment famous for the quality of the light which has inspired many artist and painters. The most famous is of course Vincent Van Gogh who has painted about 150 pieces of art.

You can visit the Hospice of Saint-Paul de Mausole where Van Gogh moved in May 1889 until May 1890. Saint Rémy de Provence is surrounded by wheat fields, poppy field, olive groves and cypres all of the symbols that we find in the Van Gogh paints.

Coming to Saint Rémy de Provence is also the oppotunity to visit one of the oldest archeologique site in Europe. The city of Glanum was founded in the 3rd century BC and there is still a lot remaining.

As you understand Saint Rémy de Provence is a very attractive place for people who likes stones, history and art but this is also situated near some vineyards where excellent wines are produced and you would be able to enjoy if you book a private wine tour with Provence and Wine.


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